Using only proxychains before ffuf doesn't work, but thanks to this concern we found a path to actually use ffuf with proxychains.

Install proxy.py library:

pip3 install --upgrade proxy.py

Serve a proxy server with proxychains:

proxychains proxy

Hosting proxy on port 8899 locally:

2525-25-25 25:25:25,901 - pid:2281626 [I] plugins.load:85 - Loaded plugin proxy.http.proxy.HttpProxyPlugin
2525-25-25 25:25:25,901 - pid:2281626 [I] tcp.listen:80 - Listening on
2525-25-25 25:25:25,907 - pid:2281626 [I] pool.setup:105 - Started 2 acceptors in threadless (local) mode

Run ffuf targeting to proxy:

ffuf -c -w wordlist.txt -x -u

proxychains -q wfuzz -c -w wordlist.txt -u

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