Introduction (Steps)

To deal with

  1. Spiking (Find a vulnerable part of a program)

  2. Fuzzing (Send a bunch of characters to program and see if we can break it)

  3. Finding the offset (Find the exact part that our program is breaking)

  4. Overwrite the EIP (To set what next instruction is executed)

  5. Finding bad characters (To avoid our exploitation gonna break)

  6. Finding the right module (?)

  7. Generating Shellcode (Create malicious code to be executed in program)

  8. Be inside!!

Attach tasks in Immunity Debugger

  1. Install it

  2. Open it as Administrator

  3. Menu part:

    1. File

    2. Attach (or Ctrl + F1)

    3. Select the process to attach

    4. Clic on Attach

    5. Bottom right part, we see Paused, clic menu in ▶️ button. Now bottom we se Running.

    6. That's it

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